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Raised in Westhampton Beach in the rambunctious and multi-talented Terchunian family, Rosemary and her husband Christopher Cline returned to the area 16 years ago to raise their children, Cashew and Carter.  From early childhood, she has embraced engaging with the adventure of life, from education to business management, to acting and directing, child rearing, travel and, always, entertaining and transforming the fruits of nature into wonderful meals, from a simple breakfast or lunch for her family to exquisite dinners rendered from the freshest ingredients for a few friends or a crowd of appreciative guests.  One of the founding members of the Hampton Theatre Company and a longtime member of its Board of Directors, Rosemary has served as the Theatre Director at Westhampton Beach High School since 2008.  When the Covid-19 crisis cut off theatre as a central avenue for her creativity, Rosemary sought another platform from which to reach out and share experiences and have fun, on video and in person, while learning new techniques and trying new recipes to add to her repertoire.  For Rosemary, the learning never stops: she is also pursuing an MFA from the Stony Brook Southampton writers program.



Italian born of a Florentine father and American mother, Christopher was raised in the lovely Tuscan countryside on a beautiful farm. As a young boy he was introduced to fresh produce, beautiful vineyards, delicious olive oil, and gorgeous surroundings. These exposures sparked his passion and appreciation for garden fresh food. CT traveled around the world, feeding his curiosity for multi-cultural culinary experiences and was influenced by many chefs. These culinary adventures allowed him to experiment with fusing his travels with his background. Although he is keen to respect his Italian background, he likes to experiment with flavors and influences. He hopes to entertain and teach you to make wonderful, delicious meals for you and your family to share.

Our team loves feeding hungry people with curious palates. Contact us to learn more.

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